DreamCloud Vs Puffy: Which Should You Choose?

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Who wouldn’t want to sleep in the most comfortable and relaxing bed? Although you could just sleep anywhere, choosing your sleeping bed or sleeping spot can be a huge decision to make.

In this regard, a lot of brands out there are making their way ahead of others to be the best sleep partner in the market. However, there are only a few names that leave a remarkable service in providing comfort and restorative rest and sleep.

The two famous brands that are commonly put against each other, DreamCloud vs Puffy. These two brands have taken the mattress industry into a new level and have set the bar higher. But which of them will suit your choice and needs?

Dreamcloud mattress vs Puffy or vice-versa, putting these two brands against each other is a big task but has to be done to distinguish which of the two is the biggest, most reliable, and the best brand in the market at the moment.

While thinking over which to pick, check out this head to head comparison between the two.

What is the DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud Pricing

Twin XL $899
Full $1,099
Queen $1,299
King $1,399
California King $1,399

Other Specifications

  • Trial Period: 365 days
  • Shipping: Free: through FedEx
  • Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a box
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Country of Manufacturing: USA

DreamcCloud mattress is one luxury hybrid mattress that helps people sleep in the style of many years. This mattress is offering a great balance of comfort and support since it comes with a plush pillow top and supportive coils.

For years, DreamCloud has always stayed ahead of the game, which makes them change their mattress’ design a few times. This time, we will review some of the most important things that you need to know about the DreamCloud.

Check out the mattress materials, construction, and other qualities that make this bed an excellent choice.

dreamcloud mattress reviews


DreamCloud, as a hybrid mattress that comes as a bed-in-a-box, has a combination of various layers of memory as well as poly foams with pocketed coils.

This combination of foams plus coils is creating a balanced quality of comfort and support. With DreamCloud’s Eurotop construction, you will feel your body sinking into the top of the bed and the coils’ bounce will tell you that it is very easy to switch your positions at night.

Here is a closer look for the materials that were used for the DreamCloud mattress.


The thin cover of DreamCloud is made from the blend of polyester and cashmere. The cover is not removable, so when it happens that it gets dirty, you can use a mild detergent with water to wash it off.

You can also use a mattress protector to prevent it from getting dirty. However, adding an extra layer to make it waterproof will change the feel and look of the sleeping surface. But it is still subject to the choice of the sleeper.


The next layer of DreamCloud, which is the Eurotop, is composed of two layers of foam. You will find a gel-infused memory foam on the top level which offers body contouring as well as pressure relief.

While for the bottom level, you will find a slightly firmer poly foam which can give you support when you are sinking further into the bed.

With the combination of support and pressure relief, DreamCloud is best for those who sleep on their back or their side.

Support Layer

Under the Eurotop layer is the support foam layer with pocketed coils. Because of these coils and their decent mobility, sleepers will never feel stuck in the DreamCloud mattress.

Since these coils were individually wrapped, they are moving independently from each other. This is very helpful when it comes to reducing motion transfer which makes the mattress more appealing for couples.

Base Layer

The DreamCloud bed’s lowest level is a high-density polyfoam. Though the lowest level doesn’t contribute a significant impact on the mattress’ feel, it can still offer a firmer surface where the coils can press off of.


picture of dreamcloud mattress

DreamCloud mattress has a thickness of 15” when we combine all those layers mentioned above. With its cashmere blend cover, you can eventually tell how soft and breathable this part is. Plush memory foam has been quilted to this mattress, too.

Below are some of the construction takeaways that you may be interested in.

Top Layer

The top layers of foam are working together to offer the top part of the mattress a look and feel that is similar to a pillow top. The DreamCloud mattress’ quilted cover incredibly sticks out and if you look at it from the side, the bed will appear to be very plush.

Though the top layers feature memory foam, this DreamCloud mattress will still feel plushier as well as pillowy with less slow-moving.

Coil and Plush Layers

Looking at the DreamCloud construction, anyone can instantly tell that DreamCloud bed has an excellent balance of comfort and support.

With its high-grade pocketed coils, DreamCloud can is ready to support sleepers of different weights, while the plush layers are adding some serious comfort to the bed.

Top Cover

You will never feel hot as you sleep in DreamCloud since its top cover is quite breathable and it can allow the passing and escaping of some air from the mattress.

Also, the memory foam layer’s gel infusion helps in dissipating heat as the coils promote extra airflow through the bed.

Long Term Investment

DreamCloud is a long-term investment because it comes with some durable materials. The product’s high-density foam and coils are expected to stand up for many years.


When it comes to firmness, DreamCloud can be considered as medium-firm with a rating of 6.5 out of 10, where 10 is the firmest. The top layers of this mattress are very soft which you can eventually feel if you press it with your hand.

However, as your hand will stop as it hits the more supportive layers below. The average firmness of DreamCloud is due to the combination of a plush comfort level together with the supportive coils.

As you try to sleep in the DreamCloud, you will have the plush feel and too-far sinking will never happen. Since there’s an amount of memory foam in the DreamCloud mattress’ top layers, you will find it a little difficult as you move around.

Also, DreamCloud will give you a noticeable amount of bounce because of the coils and a quilted top level that is more responsive.

  • For back sleepers

This mattress is best for back sleepers or those who are lying on their back. Though the top level will give them a sinking feeling, there will be enough support foam under the lumbar area as well as the rest of the body.

Extra comfort can be felt as the foam layers take the body’s shape.

  • For side sleepers

For side sleepers, DreamCloud will offer decent pressure relief, especially for lighter people.


Every level of this mattress is designed to increase comfort, support, and breathability. The DreamCloud’s super dense memory foam, as well as encased coils, are increasing the support of the mattress.

This mattress can offer more bounce compared to typical memory foam-only mattresses. The design of DreamCloud is suitable when it comes to the contouring of the body so it can be supported throughout the night, regardless of your sleeping position.


Among the other famous mattresses in the market, DreamCloud is considered both a quality and economical deal.

It is by far the most affordable mattress because of its cost-cutting scheme by selling directly to the customers online, so they have saved instead of paying for distributors, middlemen, and store rental.

Thus, DreamCloud mattress is considered an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a quality hybrid mattress.

Twin XL $899
Full $1,099
Queen $1,299
King $1,399
California King $1,399

Just like other mattress brands in the market, to attract more customers, they have to play with the pricing through discounts, as well as a warranty and free trial period.

Companies usually give $100-$200 discount coupons, and that makes the best quality mattress affordable.

What Is Puffy Mattress?

Puffy Pricing

Twin $795
Twin XL $825
Full $995
Queen $1,150
King $1,350
California King $1,350

Other Specifications

  • Trial Period: 101 days
  • Shipping: Free: delivery takes anywhere between 1 – 3 days
  • Packaging: Product is compressed in the box.
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back within 101 days trial.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Country of Manufacturing: USA

For a few years, Puffy was able to establish its name among households and became one of the competitive brands in the mattress industry. This Puffy mattress review is about the recent update on the company’s flagship mattress. This will be about the feel, the mattress firmness, the ideal sleepers, and more other detailed features.


The Puffy mattress is composed of three distinct foam layers that are working together to deliver targeted relief to the spine.

While the company has one of the most impressive mattresses in the market, it continues to update its design and materials to make sure that customers are getting the most out of their investment.

Right here, we will check out the inside of the Puffy mattress.


The cover of Puffy mattress is a blend of standard polyester and a little bit of lycra so the fabric can become stretchy.

Since the cover is pretty thin, you can expect that the air can flow easily and it can help in promoting coolness. The cover that wraps the three layers of foam is stain resistant, soft, removable, and has a nice feature.

It is also machine washable or the company’s term “zip-n-wash.” This cover is somewhat rare, and getting one is a plus.


You will find a 2-inch “Cooling Cloud Foam” which is considered as the gel memory foam.

This foam has a mix of gel microbeads so it can do a better job when it comes to regulating sleep temperature when compared to the other types of memory foam.

This layer is super soft and it is allowing the sleeper to sink into the bed while providing some great pressure relief.


The next level is the 2” of polyfoam, and it is marketed as “Climate Comfort”. Since this foam features a firmer feel, it is preventing you from getting stuck as you sink into the comfort layer.

With this transition layer, you will experience cradling support with your body as you move through the bed down to its firm base found below.


The base of the Puffy mattress is made from 6” of HD polyfoam. This is a very common support material that is used in most bed-in-a-box beds.

The lowest level is providing the mattress and overall strength and study support.


puffy best features

A Puffy was made to provide an excellent level of comfort as the mattress envelopes the body as well as adapts to the body shape. In this way, Puffy can help in achieving a great and full night sleep. Puffy is composed of three layers of foam with a thickness of 10 inches.

Below is a more detailed explanation of each layer.

The Top Layer

This is the first level of the Puffy mattress from the top, and it is using a unique material called “Cooling Cloud Foam”. It is helping the bed when it comes to drawing the heat away from the sleeper’s body.

To allow a free flow of air, conduction and convection were used for this proprietary foam layer so it can offer a surface for cooler sleep.

Also, it is composed of gel suffused Visco polyurethane foam that is helping with increasing the airflow for up to 8 times better compared to the conventional foam beds.

The VPF or Variable Pressure Foaming Technology of the Puffy has been used for this 2-inch layer, which means that these foams were made in an environment-friendly manner.

Additionally, this top layer of Puffy is providing support as it adjusts according to the shape of your body while offering suitable contour so pressure points will be relieved in various areas like shoulders, joints, hips, as well as knees.

The Middle Layer

In this layer, Puffy is using the materials called “Climate Comfort Foam” which is popular for its advanced humidity as well as temperature-resistant materials.

The middle layer is 2-inch thick and it is acting as the transition layer that separates the top comfort layer from the dense foundation layer.

This part of the mattress helps when it comes to mitigating climate fluctuations so the sleeper can enjoy a restful night of sleep.

The Base Layer

The final layer or lowest layer of Puffy is a 6″ of foundation layer that provides a unique firmness scale level to promote proper spinal alignment.

The Puffy mattress’s lowest layers are using a unique Insta-Firm Technology that helps in delivering 99% more responsiveness and four times a better level of support than a regular foam mattress.

Additionally, this layer is helping the bed in supporting the sleepers’ weight according to their size while offering improved circulation of the blood, relieved tossing and turning, and of course, pressure relief.

This means the lowest layer is acting as an ideal foundation to the Puffy as it provides overall comfort, durability, support, and shape of the mattress.


For the firmness scale, Puffy got a score of 5 out of 10, which makes it a real medium-firm mattress.

However, since this bed features a 2-inch comfort layer of low-density memory foam, it comes with a deep and highly contouring sleep surface that is more cradling and feels softer when compared to other medium-firmness beds that are made from other materials.

The excellent pressure relief and low motion transfer of the Puffy memory foam must be credited to its high point elasticity. Because of this quality, the bed is compressing directly under any point as the weight is applied, instead of radiating around the pressure.

When we compare this memory foam of Puffy to some of its competitors, we can say that it is more responsive.

But sleepers with mobility issues which are making them difficult to change position or those who don’t want the feeling of sinking into their mattress might experience more comfort with a mattress that is less conforming.


Puffy mattress is one of the most comfortable products that you can find in the market. Its 2-layer system makes it so impressive that any sleeper would want this bed at night.

With its foam-based thicker core layer, you can expect that Puffy is very durable. While the smaller layer with 4-inch thickness helps with support as you sleep.

Puffy features the best weight distribution system because of its Cooling Cloud top layer. It allows you to sleep more peacefully at night since you cannot feel your partner though you are sleeping side by side.

Since Puffy is working great when it comes to motion isolation, your partner will never be disturbed as you more while you sleep or as you get out of the bed. Because of this system, you get the maximum amount of comfort, and for the same reason, the quality is incredible.

A memory foam mattress has always been known to retain or trap the heat, so it is not a surprise that a Puffy mattress is considered to sleep hot because of its top layer. But it does not. Instead, it is temperature neutral because it doesn’t warm up and won’t cool down either.

Most bedding companies market that their mattresses sleep cool, but there are some other factors to be considered in reality. Some of these factors are the climate, type of pajamas you sleep in, and how frequently you use your air conditioner.

So you have to bear in mind whenever you are trying to buy a bed that sleeps cool.


Twin $795
Twin XL $825
Full $995
Queen $1,150
King $1,350
California King $1,350

The price is based on MSRP and about the average for a regular bed-in-a-box mattress or higher. But you can expect a $200-$300 discount off the MSRP price. The company sometimes runs out of deals and promotion sales, so always check their discount box.

Every mattress also comes with a warranty and free trial period that are very beneficial for consumers.

Puffy Mattress vs DreamCloud: A Comparison

Puffy mattresses and DreamCloud are two of the best-buy mattresses in the market with featured rights reserved. The two companies that manufacture these beds are popular for their quality and durable bed products that have been in the industry for years.

When it comes to this Puffy mattress and DreamCloud comparison review, it can be a bit difficult, especially if we will have the following choices – DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux. However, we will do our best to point out the similarities and differences of these mattresses.

These two brands share the same place and rights reserved when it comes to the number of satisfied customers. The number of positive reviews of Dreamcloud mattress and Puffy are also about even.

As for the DreamCloud mattress review, it receives constant positive comments with little complaints that can be considered as more of a preference for a softer bed.

The Puffy mattress review is usually positive as well. The product is also famous because it has been featured on one of the episodes of Ellen DeGeneres.

Quality of the Design

Puffy mattress and DreamCloud share the same stand when it comes to the quality of their design and construction.

These mattresses are made from high-quality materials and any sleepers who can try either of these beds can easily tell that they are sleeping on a well-constructed, universally comfortable, and highly supportive mattress.

DreamCloud and Puffy mattress both feature different layers of memory foam as well as gel memory foam.

The combination of these features allows these two mattresses to offer a cool sleep surface while cradling the body more than enough so anyone can be comfortable without getting sunk into the bed.


Puffy mattress and DreamCloud are similar when it comes to the firmness level. They both fall into the category of “medium-firm” which ranges from 5 to 6.5 out 10. This means that most comfort and support that any sleeper can feel will be the same for these two mattresses.

Customer Service

The two brands are successful in keeping an excellent reputation for customer service as well as with the overall customer satisfaction.

The companies’ great reputation is because of their valuable incentives which are free trial period and delivery, lifetime warranty, extended sleep trials, and helpful customer service and support.

However, both mattresses can only be purchased from their respective online stores. They don’t offer their product on Amazon or operate a brick and mortar location where their interested customer can view and try their mattresses.

Also, Puffy and DreamCloud do not authorize any mattress wholesalers for selling their products.


Giving a close examination of these two mattresses, we can easily identify their differences. Although these two beds feature memory foam in their construction and design, there is a difference with the used method of employing those memory foams.

With the DreamCloud mattress, the hybrid mattress design is composed of 8 specific layers that are working together to offer cool, comforting support.

While for the Puffy mattress, the product is only using two layers which compete to DreamCloud’s eight when it comes to the given comfort and support to the sleeper.


Talking about durability, we can easily say that DreamCloud outpaces the Puffy mattress because the former features a higher density memory foam when compared to those that have been used in the Puffy mattress.

Motion Transfer

However, for the same reason mentioned with the mattresses’ durability, the Puffy mattress gets a higher score in motion isolation since the lower density foams are doing a better job in absorbing as well as dampening movement.

The Puffy mattress’ lower density foams also allow the bed to be more and extra conforming compared to the DreamCloud mattress. Though this feature may not be positive all the time, it will still depend on the sleeper’s preference when it comes to a softer or firmer mattress.

While these two beds are suitable for couples, they don’t have the same reasons for this matter. For the DreamCloud mattress, its firmer feel provides more spring, making it a better mattress for sex. But because of the springy nature of DreamCloud mattress, it provides a higher degree of motion transfer than the Puffy mattress.

This means that couples will have a higher risk of waking and disturbing their sleep partner as they move from the other side of the mattress.

Edge Support

The two mattresses have a big difference with the provided edge support. We can say that DreamCloud mattresses perform poorly than the Puffy mattress.

Sleepers have reported a significant degree of “roll-off” as they sleep, as well as compression each time they get in and out of the mattress.

Puffy Lux Mattress vs DreamCloud: How Does It Compare?

Puffy Lux and DreamCloud are two of the mattresses that you should never miss during your bed shopping.

If you have a list of mattresses that you would consider as a replacement for your old mattress, you need to include these DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux because they have established an excellent reputation in the market.

Now, if you are struggling in choosing which mattress to buy if your choices are DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux, we will give you a thorough mattress review of these best mattresses.


Puffy Lux and DreamCloud are two of the mattresses that you should never miss during your bed shopping.

If you have a list of mattresses that you would consider as a replacement for your old mattress, you need to include these DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux because they have established an excellent reputation in the market.

Now, if you are struggling in choosing which mattress to buy if your choices are DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux, we will give you a thorough mattress review of these best mattresses.

Motion Transfer

When it comes to the motion transfer factor, DreamCloud mattress can be considered as good, but we cannot say that it is great.

The bed’s foam layers absorb the movement well, and the pocketed coils under are generating some amount of bounce that will be experienced if you have a sleep partner.

While for the Puffy Lux, motion transfer is very minimal because the dense memory foam is absorbing the movements and preventing them from traveling throughout the mattress.

This makes the Puffy Lux a perfect solution to minimize sleep disruption because of the energetic pets of restless partners.

Edge Support

Edge support is not a highlight for DreamCloud. Sitting on the edge of the bed will give you a fair amount of collapse. Pressing the pillow top will also make the coils compress, which means you may not feel safe and secure while you are sitting down.

If you love sleeping on the edge of the bed, DreamCloud is not a recommended mattress because it can make you feel that the edge is collapsing and may feel like you are rolling off the mattress. As for the Puffy Lux, it has great edge support.

While memory foam mattresses come with a poor job when it comes to supporting the weight in the edges of the bed, the combined three layers of Puffy Lux does a good job.


So, these are some important properties of these two popular brands. This is an honest and in-depth mattress review of DreamCloud vs Puffy to help you with quality feedback on these products before you decide to buy them.

This is to help you find the best value for your money. However, whichever you will choose, they are both packed with advanced technology full of luxury, comfort, and support.

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