DreamCloud Mattress Review | Is It Dreamy Or Dreadful? (2019)

Looking for a premium mattress with a fair price? Dreamcloud promises you both, but does it deliver or is it dreadful? Keep reading to see if it pulls it off…



  • Value for money: 85% 85%
  • Support:  85% 85%
  • Support:  90% 90%
  • Motion transfer: 75% 75%
  • Construction: 90% 90%
  • Warranty/Trial period 85% 85%
  • Long trial period
  • Appropriate for most sleeping positions
  • Good edge support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No removable cover to wash
  • Too firm for very light individuals
  • 15” height is too high for some bed frames

Dreamcloud Mattress Summary

The Dreamcloud mattress is remarkably comfortable for most sleepers which makes it a viable option for comfortable sleeping with a spouse.

Chances are you won’t easily wake each other even if both move a lot during the night. Thanks to the support and comfort there is less tension in the body than when sleeping on some other softer mattresses.

The mattress is made from a combination of materials which result in a soft but supportive feel. It’s also soft and luxurious to the touch. A removable topper would have been great though. What’s great is that you can test it for a whole year so you have time to gauge if it’s really the mattress for you.

What Is Dreamcloud Mattress Price?


DreamCloud comes in a variety of prices ranging from $799 for the base Twin mattress model, up to $1499 for a California / King Size mattress.

A DreamCloud Customer Review

Many people think their back pain is because of sports injuries. But is this always the case? You may wake each day with searing pain and think you’ll always have to live with it. It can leave people feeling tired and pessimistic about their days even before morning coffee. That’s what pain can do to you.

Have you considered the effect of sleeping conditions on your body? It’s actually possible to counter back pain just by getting the right mattress. Read on for some insight on the Dreamcloud mattress that could be the solution for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dreamcloud Mattress

Here’s the one thing you can’t do: Purchase a certain mattress simply because someone else said it works well for them. Mattresses must be matched to your particular preferences otherwise your body will suffer every night. So before you start shopping you must compile your priority list by considering these features about you and the mattress.

What Type of Sleeper are You?

Your sleeping position determines what you require from your mattress. A side sleeper must have enough support and softness to cushion joints and limit pain. A back sleeper’s body needs back support and when you’re on your stomach you don’t want to sink into the mattress; it will feel quite suffocating.

Understand the Different Types of Mattresses

Your sleeping habits will play a huge role in determining which type of bed you pick. However, your personal preferences will also play a role. Firstly you need to pick what your mattress must be made of:

  • Memory foam: This molds to your body and is hypoallergenic but not everyone likes sinking into their mattresses.
  • Latex: These are very breathable but also extremely heavy. They’re also harder than some other types.
  • Open spring: This is usually an affordable option but you’re bound to feel your partner turn at night.
  • Pocket spring: Each spring is individually pocketed so there’s less movement to disturb someone else. Watch out because they’re not always good for allergy sufferers depending on what they’re stuffed with.

Of course, brands also mix these substances to create different types of mattresses and you’ll have to pick an ideal level for you:

  • Soft
  • Medium soft
  • Medium
  • Medium firm
  • Firm

Next up you also need to think of how important breathability is. If you feel hot easily you need a mattress that channels heat away from your body. If you and your partner don’t have the same requirements there is some good news: Modern brands can make hybrid mattresses to accommodate two people’s wishes.


Dreamcloud Complaints and Compliments?

The Dreamcloud Mattress is a ‘mattress in a box’ bed which affords much support while still feeling soft and comfortable. It can create a healthy sleeping surface even for those struggling with back or other body pain.

The support it lends to these areas minimizes tension that leads to pain relief. In general it’s a quality bed suited to most types of sleepers’ preferences. This is thanks to the various layers it’s made of that provide a mix of firmness and comfort.


  • Offers amazing support
  • Little movement transfer
  • Good support for most sleepers
  • Makes for cool sleeping


  • Heavy; making it difficult to move
  • No topper included

Dreamcloud Sleep Mattress Review of Features & Benefits


 In the Dreamcloud you get medium to medium firm support which is sufficient to maintain good posture while lying down. It also works for most sleeping positions:

  • Back sleepers will get support for the spine
  • Stomach sleepers won’t sink too far in and start feeling claustrophobic
  • Side sleepers are supported in the hip and shoulder area; note that this is the only group that sometimes experiences this mattress as too firm

Another type of support that’s vital is edge support. You don’t want to roll near the edge of the bed only to feel it sagging.

This minimizes the area you and your partner have to sleep comfortably. A lack of edge support can also lead to the mattress deteriorating faster over time. The Dreamcloud has good support throughout the entire surface.


It doesn’t work if a mattress provides your back, joints and muscles with support but it’s too firm. You won’t fall asleep easily because you’re looking for that cosy feeling of the mattress responding to your weight.

In the Dreamcloud a level of comfort is achieved by the different layers and the fact that a lot of memory foam is used. Comfort is also thanks to the soft surface created by the cashmere top. For many people this suffices and they don’t require an additionaltopper to sleep luxuriously.


A cross section of your Dreamcloud mattress will probably surprise you because of the many different layers you see. There are seven compared to the three layers you find in many other. These layers form the 15” high mattress:

  • 1: Gel infused memory foam
  • 2: Quilted memory foam
  • 3: Natural latex
  • 4: High density memory foam
  • 5: A highest density memory foam
  • 6: Pocketed steel micro coil technology
  • 7: Base layer of memory foam

This combination of fabrics and materials is what makes it possible that partners with different requirements and sleeping positions find one mattress sufficiently comfortable.

While the top layer keeps people from getting hot the other layers provide a mixture of softness and structure to support joints while also giving some bounce for comfy sleeping. And those separately pocketed coils help to minimize the motion transfer (more about this below).

Motion Transfer:

For couples minimal motion transfer has become a prerequisite feature. Because the coils are individually wrapped there is much less motion transfer with the

Dreamcloud than on most coil mattresses. How it works is that a coil can be compressed on its own. Because the coils weren’t created from one long wire as many old types were, moving one doesn’t affect all the others. Because there are so many different layers on top of the coils the movement that does occur is also buffered so there’s very little disturbance at night.

Warranty and Trial Period:

Why is this so important? Because it can help you make the right long term decision. You may have an exceptional first night but only over the coming weeks will you determine whether it was a good buy:
  • Does it lose its form quickly?
  • Do you develop pains in your body because of the mattress’ unique level of support?
  • Is it soft and comfortable enough that you fall asleep quickly?
This brand gives you a year to determine whether it’s the bed for you and you’re entitled to a full refund if you have enough reason not to love it as I do. If a mattress keeps its form for so long it should serve you well in the long run too. It can help ensure you invest your money in the correct item. There’s also a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. This should give consumers peace of mind that it’s not only a comfortable mattress but a safe buy.

Real Dreamcloud Customer Reviews:

  • I would recommend DreamCloud over Sapira. – Q Starr
  • DreamCloud would be a good option if you don’t sleep on your side. – J Auer
  • Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain. You name it and I had it before taking a flight to destination DreamCloud – Vanessa O.
  • The use of plush memory foam and cashmere gives the DreamCloud a luxurious feel at a price that’s pretty hard to balk at. – Logan Block, Sleepopolis

Alternatives to Dreamcloud Mattress?

As stated at the start mattress shopping is not one size fits all. Some comparisons with other market-leading mattresses can show you where the Dreamcloud excels. You may also find your ideal option in other mattresses if you have particular requirements.

Dreamcloud Mattress vs Saatva?

The first difference between Dreamcloud vs Saatva is that the latter has the innerspring feel many people grew up with. Some individuals love the soft foamy texture of the Dreamcloud of course.

The one thing Saatva manufacturers did right was designing it in two different heights so it’s easier to match this brand with bed frames.

While both do well in terms of edge support and score average in motion transfer it’s hard to beat the Dreamcloud return policy. Saatva only allows 120 days to test out the mattress. It’s good by industry standards but still not enough in this comparison.



  • Saatva and Dreamcloud offer great support and motion transfer
  • Saatva has more design options
  • Dreamcloud’s return policy is very good

Dreamcloud vs Leesa?

We should also compare Dreamcloud to another foam mattress. What’s better than the famous Leesa mattresses? Both Dreamcloud and Leesa score well in terms of support, edge support and temperature control.

You’ll love the Leesa more if you’re shopping on a budget because it’s more affordable. It’s also a favorite of side sleepers. However, Dreamcloud can work if you need mattress support for a heavier individual as it doesn’t sink in as easily. This makes it much better than Leesa for stomach sleepers.

Once again Dreamcloud beats Leesa’s return policy of 100 nights.



  •  Both of them are excellent to provide support.
  • Leesa has a lower price tag
  • Dreamcloud works for stomach sleepers and Leesa is great for side sleepers
  • Dreamcloud has an excellent return policy

Where are DreamCloud Mattress Made?

Dreamcloud Mattress is an American company and they manufacture and assemble their mattresses in China. This is how they are able to keep their costs low compared to other manfacturers.

Dreamcloud Mattress Review: Final Thoughts

Dreamcloud Mattress is a good option for someone experiencing back pain. Because of the many different layers it’s compatible with a wide spectrum of people’s sleeping habits. I It’s also popular for its extensive return policy.

It’s just unfortunate it’s so thick and heavy, making it difficult to move and match to certain frames. Mattresses like this can counter back pain or even prevent them from developing. It’s worth a try.

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